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As a litigator, Rosario A. Picone, Jr., is driven and precise; as a counselor, he strives to keep his clients out of court, saving them the time, uncertainty, and expense of litigation.

Family Law

Family law disputes often have a significant emotional and financial impact on all parties involved. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose an attorney with the knowledge and experience to resolve your dispute fairly, professionally, and as efficiently as possible. Rosario A. Picone, Jr. guides you each step of the way. He is available to address your concerns, answer your questions and offer sound advice during this uncertain and emotionally trying time.

Family at a Beach

Real Estate

The closing transaction can include several complex documents, including a mortgage or multiple mortgages, statements of title, title insurance policies and financing agreements. Mistakes and omissions can lead to significant legal problems.  Rosario A. Picone, Jr., has represented hundreds of buyers and sellers of homes in Cook and DuPage counties.  Rosario will answer all your questions and partner with you every step of the way so that you can confidently navigate the closing process.

Other Services

Rosario A. Picone, Jr., fights hard for his clients, ensuring the law is applied equitably and justly.  He provides practical legal services that prevent or resolve issues in a timely and favorable manner.  He is dedicated to ensuring each client’s interests are uniquely met in areas like civil litigation, criminal law, estate planning and more.

Checking Text on a Document
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